Statistics database: Add a new statistic

Please provide at least 10 values, we suggest to provide about 1000 with a limit of 1200.
You can go to the Sage cell below to compute your values
The first line of the description serves as a title for the statistic. See the formating rules below
We suggest to provide references whenever possible.
We suggest to provide code or pseudocode whenever possible.
If you provide a Python or Sage implementation of your statistic, please use our standardized format.
We do not accept anonymous submissions, please provide your full name.
Please provide a valid and long lasting email address. (It will not be shown on the website.)
Sage cell
Use this cell to produce your statistic values and test your code!
Apply the following rules while writing your submission.
''italics''; '''bold'''; '''''bold italics'''''
Bulleted lists
* Item 1
  Separate line
  * Subitem 1
* Item 2
[[target|linktext]]   target must start either with http:// or with www.
Links to statistics in the database
Links to arXiv papers
new: [[arxiv:1401.3690]], old: [[arXiv:math/0011099]]
Links to MathSciNet reviews
[[mathscinet:3113227]] or [[MR3113227]]
Links to zbMATH (formerly: Zentralblatt) reviews
Links to OEIS sequences
Links to MathOverflow questions and answers
[[mathoverflow:132338]] or [[MO132338]]
Links to Wikipedia articles
Links to Mathworld articles
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