This collaborative project
  • is a database of combinatorial collections, maps and statistics:
    • a combinatorial collection is a collection $\mathcal{S} = \bigcup_{x}\mathcal{S}_x$ of finite sets $\mathcal{S}_x$ (e.g. the set of permutations)
    • a combinatorial map is a map $\phi: \mathcal{S} \longrightarrow \mathcal{S'}$ between collections (e.g. the inverse of a permutation)
    • a combinatorial statistic (or parameter) is a map $\operatorname{st}: \mathcal{S} \longrightarrow \mathbb{Z}$ (e.g. the first entry of a permutation)
  • is a search engine, identifying your data as the composition of known maps and statistics.
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The database currently contains 146 maps and 1060 statistics on 18 collections.