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The Catalan number of an irreducible finite Cartan type.
The Catalan number of an irreducible finite Cartan type is defined as the product
$$ Cat(W) = \prod_{i=1}^n \frac{d_i+h}{d_i}$$
*$W$ is the Weyl group of the given Cartan type,
* $n$ is the rank of $W$,
* $d_1 \leq d_2 \leq \ldots \leq d_n$ are the degrees of the fundamental invariants of $W$, and
* $h = d_n$ is the corresponding Coxeter number.
The Catalan number $Cat(W)$ counts various combinatorial objects, among which are
* noncrossing partitions inside $W$,
* antichains in the root poset,
* regions within the fundamental chamber in the Shi arrangement,
* dimensions of several modules in the context of the diagonal coininvariant ring and of rational Cherednik algebras.
For a detailed treatment and further references, see [1].
[1] Armstrong, D. Generalized noncrossing partitions and combinatorics of Coxeter groups MathSciNet:2561274 arXiv:math/0611106
[2] wikipedia:Complex reflection group
def statistic(ct):
    return ReflectionGroup(ct).catalan_number()
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