There are 16 statistics on Plane partitions in the database:
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St001422Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The number of boxes of a plane partition.
St001445Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The number of maximal boxes of a plane partition.
St001446Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Number of rows in the plane partition.
St001447Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Height of the base box of a plane partition.
St001448Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Number of odd parts in a plane partition.
St001449Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The smallest missing nonzero part in the plane partition.
St001450Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The minimum height of a plane partition.
St001451Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The side length of the largest cube contained in a plane partition.
St001452Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Number of even parts in the plane partition.
St001453Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The number of distinct heights in a plane partition.
St001454Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The difference between the largest and smallest heights of a plane partition.
St001455Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Largest repeated part of a plane partition, and zero if no part is repeated.
St001456Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Sum of the top row of a plane partition.
St001457Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Multiplicity of the smallest part of a plane partition.
St001460Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
Number of columns of a plane partition.
St001598Plane partitions ⟶ ℤ
The maximal distance of a cell from the origin.