There are 33 statistics on Lattices in the database:
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St000550Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of modular elements of a lattice.
St000551Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of left modular elements of a lattice.
St001613Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The binary logarithm of the size of the center of a lattice.
St001615Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of join prime elements of a lattice.
St001616Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of neutral elements in a lattice.
St001617Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The dimension of the space of valuations of a lattice.
St001618Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The cardinality of the Frattini sublattice of a lattice.
St001619Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of non-isomorphic sublattices of a lattice.
St001620Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of sublattices of a lattice.
St001621Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of atoms of a lattice.
St001622Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of join-irreducible elements of a lattice.
St001623Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of doubly irreducible elements of a lattice.
St001624Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The breadth of a lattice.
St001625Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The Möbius invariant of a lattice.
St001626Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of maximal proper sublattices of a lattice.
St001630Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The global dimension of the incidence algebra of the lattice over the rational numbers.
St001651Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The Frankl number of a lattice.
St001666Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of non-isomorphic subposets of a lattice which are lattices.
St001677Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of non-degenerate subsets of a lattice whose meet is the bottom element.
St001679Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of subsets of a lattice whose meet is the bottom element.
St001681Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of inclusion-wise minimal subsets of a lattice, whose meet is the bottom element.
St001719Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of shortest chains of small intervals from the bottom to the top in a lattice.
St001720Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The minimal length of a chain of small intervals in a lattice.
St001754Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of tolerances of a finite lattice.
St001820Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The size of the image of the pop stack sorting operator.
St001833Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of linear intervals in a lattice.
St001845Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of join irreducibles minus the rank of a lattice.
St001846Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of elements which do not have a complement in the lattice.
St001875Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of simple modules with projective dimension at most 1.
St001876Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of 2-regular simple modules in the incidence algebra of the lattice.
St001877Lattices ⟶ ℤ
Number of indecomposable injective modules with projective dimension 2.
St001878Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The projective dimension of the simple modules corresponding to the minimum of L in the incidence algebra of the lattice L.
St001881Lattices ⟶ ℤ
The number of factors of a lattice as a Cartesian product of lattices.