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1. Definition & Example

$$S = P_1 \sqcup P_2 \sqcup \dots \sqcup P_k, \quad P_i \cap P_j = \emptyset \text{ for all }i \neq j, \quad \emptyset \notin \mathcal{P}.$$

The five set partitions of $\{1,2,3\}$

http://www.findstat.org/Graphics/api/Cc0009_0_{{1,2,3} }.png

http://www.findstat.org/Graphics/api/Cc0009_0_{{1},{2,3} }.png

http://www.findstat.org/Graphics/api/Cc0009_0_{{1,3},{2} }.png

http://www.findstat.org/Graphics/api/Cc0009_0_{{1,2},{3} }.png

http://www.findstat.org/Graphics/api/Cc0009_0_{{1},{2},{3} }.png






2. Additional information

3. References

4. Sage examples

5. Technical information for database usage